(Video) My Dividend Investing Plan Weekly Report – 11/11/2017

This week My Dividend Investing Plan portfolio made several changes to the dividend portfolio. Here are the changes I made to the portfolio: 
(1) Sold: American Century High Yield Fund (ABHIX) – $3,500
(2) Buy: Washington Prime Group (WPG) – 95 Shares
(3) Added Shares: Eaton Vance LTD Duration Fund – 60 Shares
(4) Added Shares: Wells Fargo Advantage Utilities Fund – 67 Shares
(5) Buy: Tekla Healthcare Opportunity Fund – 100 Shares
For a full and complete look at the current status of the portfolio, please watch the video… don’t forget to make comments and share this blog article….

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  1. DivHut - Reply

    These are all names you don’t typically see in a long term dividend growth portfolio. Not that it’s a bad thing. There are many ways to skin the dividend cat whether it’s from stocks, ETFs, closed end funds, MLPs, REITs and more. Thanks for sharing some of your recent moves.

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