(12/22/2017) My Dividend Investing Plan Weekly Report

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Here is My Dividend Investing Plan portfolio weekly report for December 18th – 22nd.

(1) Sold: ING Prime Rate Trust (PPR) – $511

(2) Buy: New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ) – 13.4749 Shares

(3) Added Investment Money – $510;   Cashback – $124.65

(4) Dividend Collected:

Monday, December 18th: (EVV) $12.09
Wednesday, December 20th: (PSEC) $4.84
Friday, December 22nd: (PPR) $2.18
Weekly Total: $19.11

For a full and complete look at the current status of the portfolio, please visit My Dividend Investing Plan… don’t forget to make comments and share this blog article….



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