About My Blog

I’m Paul, and I love investing in just about anything where a profit can be made! Coins, comic books, gold, real estate, but my favorite investment vehicle is investing in stocks. In May of 2017, with the encouragement of my son, I decided to to build an investment portfolio that is specifically based on the payment of monthly dividends. The word got out and numerous friends and coworkers frequently asked how the portfolio is progressing so I thought I’d post it on line.


My objective is different than many of the other dividend investor blogs I have read. Most dividend investors purchase value (growth/value) stocks that pay a dividend. There is nothing wrong with that approach; however, I want dividend stocks designed specifically to pay dividends. I will be purchasing stocks which are designed to pay dividends and appreciation is a secondary objective. In fact, I want the final portfolio structure to be 80% of my portfolio that pays dividends on a monthly basis… Ultimately, I want to try and structure the portfolio so I can come as close to a daily paycheck as possible. Let this journey begin!

My 5-year plan starts in May 2017 and and my account is starting with a $0 balance. I will be purchasing a variety of investments, including, ETF’s, mutual funds, and stocks. I am excited to see where my portfolio will be at the end of this 5 year project. I invite you to follow along my journey on this blog and social media. I will be posting articles and videos about the status of the plan, stock purchases, stock sales, and my monthly dividend income.

I encourage you to comment on posts, give your opinion, be part of the discussion and join me on this journey…




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