(ARLP) Alliance Resource Partners – 10/24/2017

Here is my most recent Quarterly Paying Dividend Stock for My Dividend Investing Portfolio…


Quarterly Paying Dividend Stock

Purchase Details…

Funding Source: Regular Investment

Date of Purchase: 10/24/2017
Ticker: ARLP
Name: Prospect Capital Corp
Amount Invested Today: $821.05
Commission: $3.95
Total Basis: $825
Purchase Price: $20.25
Total Shares Purchased: 40.5457

Morningstar Category: N/A
PE Ratio: 4.92
Market Cap: $2.66 B
Distribution Yield: 9.83%
Frequency of Distribution: QuarterlyMonthly
Monthly Distribution: $ .51

Stock: Alliance Resource Partners LP operates as a coal mining company based in the United States. It functions through two segments; Illinois Basin and Appalachia. The Illinois Basin activity comprises of underground mining complexes in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland and West Virginia and it makes up for most of the company’s revenue-generating operations. The Appalachia segment, on the other hand, consists of multiple operating segments, including the Mettiki mining complex, the Tunnel Ridge mining complex and the MC Mining mining complex.

The yield is great, the fundamentals are acceptable to me, and I believe the war on coal has ended. The thing I really like is it ARLP held it’s value AND maintained a strong dividend payout even when the coal industry was under tremendous regulatory pressure.

For more information on this stock CLICK HERE…

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