(ETG) Eaton Vance T/A Global Div. ETF- 09/19/2017

Here is my most recent purchase for my dividend investing portfolio…

Purchase Details…

Funding Source: Regular Investment

Date of Purchase: 09/19/2017
Ticker: ETG
Name: Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Global Dividend Income ETF
Amount Invested Today: $499.05
Commission: $3.95
Total Basis: $503
Purchase Price: $16.97
Total Shares Purchased: 29.4083


Morningstar Category: World Allocation
PE Ratio: 21.03
Market Cap: $1.31 B
Distribution Yield: 4.29%
Frequency of Distribution: Monthly
Monthly Distribution: $.0452

Fund Strategy: World allocation funds seek to provide both capital appreciation and income by investing in three major areas: stocks, bonds, and cash. While these funds do explore the whole world, most of them focus on the U.S., Canada, Japan, and the larger markets in Europe. It is rare for such funds to invest more than 10% of their assets in emerging markets.


Adding share of this security…




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