(NSH) NuStar Group Holdings – 10/30/2017

Here is my most recent Quarterly Paying Dividend Stock for my dividend investing portfolio…

Purchase Details…

Funding Source: Regular Investment
Date of Purchase: 10/30/2017
Ticker: NSH
Name: NuStar Group Holdings
Amount Invested Today: $501.06
Commission: $6.95
Total Basis: $508.01
Purchase Price: $18.14
Total Shares Purchased: 28

Morningstar Category: N/A
PE Ratio: 8.14
Market Cap: $752 M
Distribution Yield: 12.22%
Frequency of Distribution: Quarterly
Monthly Distribution: $ .55

Stock: NuStar GP Holdings owns the general partner interest, incentive distribution rights, and 13% of the LP units of NuStar Energy LP, a master limited partnership that was spun off from Valero Energy in 2001. Assets include 85 million barrels of storage capacity and 7,500 miles of pipeline that serve refineries in the Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast. Unlike most MLPs, NuStar Energy also operates international terminals in St. Eustatius, the U.K., Amsterdam, Turkey, Mexico, and Canada.

The yield is great, the fundamentals are acceptable to me, and I love the fact they’ve had a consistent dividend  when many in this industry has cut or completely eliminated their dividends. 

(NSH) NuStar Group Holdings owns and operates over 9,300 miles of producing pipelines. It has been expanding in the Permian Basin of West Texas, where over 600 gas and oil producers are operating.

There is a ton of drilling activity happening right now with over 400 rigs drilling for oil in the Permian Basin. The key to remember, drilling is profitable at $32 per barrel and that number continues to drop as more companies look to streamline their processes. As of the date of this posting, oil is trading at $51.50 per barrel.

The Permian Basin is second among active oilfields. Only Saudi Arabia has more output. With Chevron and Exxon/Mobil increasing their presence there, NSH is situated to service current and future pipeline transportation needs.

Oh, just f.y.i… over 18 funds have started taking positions in NSH. Oppenheimer (MLPDX) being the latest purchasing 600,000 additional shares.

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