($56.62) October 2017 Dividend Income Report Video

Dividend Income Report for October 2017

October 2017 is in the history books and all stocks and mutual funds have paid their dividends. We generated $56.62 in dividends in October. Our year-to-date dividend totals: $166.92. That actually less than the month prior month, however, all is good. I anticipate catching up in November.

Below is the link to October’s Dividend Income & Asset Report. Please leave comments below… I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Dividend Portfolio - Reply

    That’s awesome Paul. You made more than I did. You’re well on your way to three digits. And good luck on increasing your goals of raising your dividends by $20 each month. I’m definitely looking forward to your next report. Great site and I’ll be sure to visit often.

    • MyDividendInvestingPlan - Reply

      It’s not how much you make… it’s the thrill of the chase :o)

  2. dividendgeek - Reply

    Nice plan. Very thorough. Definitely add in a few dividend aristocrats. How about short term corporate bond funds? They pay monthly dividends. Are the dividends treated as qualified dividends for tax purposes?

    • MyDividendInvestingPlan - Reply

      DividendGeek… The portfolio is forming and I hope to eventually have 40 or so securities… I am sure a few will include dividend aristocrats… Thank you for your response…



  3. DivHut - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income update. Most of the high quality dividend payers pay on a quarterly basis. If you build a mix of quarterly payers you will be paid every single month. I have build my portfolio looking at the dividend aristocrats first and then expanded into other names. DGI is a marathon. Keep building that passive income stream.

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