(PONDX) PIMCO Income Fund MF- 09/26/2017

Here is my most recent mutual fund purchase for my dividend investing portfolio…

Purchase Details…

Funding Source: Credit Card Cash Back
Date of Purchase: 09/26/2017
Ticker: PONDX
Name: PIMCO Income Fund Mutual Fund
Amount Invested Today: $75
Commission: None
Total Basis: $75
Purchase Price: $12.44
Total Shares Purchased: 6.0290


Morningstar Category: Multisector Bond MF
PE Ratio: —-
Market Cap: $99 B
Distribution Yield: 5.02%
Frequency of Distribution: Monthly
Monthly Distribution: $.0520


We already hold PONDX in our portfolio and my objective is to reach a cost basis of $2,000.   



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