(PSEC) Prospect Capital Corp – 10/13/2017

Here is my most recent ETF purchase for my dividend investing portfolio…

Purchase Details…

Funding Source: Regular Investment

Date of Purchase: 10/13/2017
Ticker: PSEC
Name: Prospect Capital Corp
Amount Invested Today: $504.66
Commission: $6.95
Total Basis: $511.61
Purchase Price: $6.31
Total Shares Purchased: 80

Morningstar Category:
PE Ratio: 8.96
Market Cap: $2.26 B
Distribution Yield: 11.48%
Frequency of Distribution: Monthly
Monthly Distribution: $.06

Stock: PSEC is a Business Development Corp (BDC). Prospect Capital Corporation is a closed-end investment company based in the United States. Its investment objective is to generate both current income and long-term capital appreciation through debt and equity investments. The company invests primarily in senior and subordinated debt and equity of private companies for acquisitions, divestitures, growth, development, recapitalizations and other purposes. It makes investments, including lending in private equity sponsored transactions, directly to companies, investments in structured credit, real estate and syndicated debt.

Yep, this is a risker investment than most of the other securities I have in the dividend investing portfolio. However, it is also a $2.26 B company. In the past 12 months it’s made some great investments. Its P/E ratio is under 10 and PSEC has consistently paid dividends.


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