(ERH) Wells Fargo Utilities & High Income ETF- 10/10/2017

Here is my most recent stock purchase for my dividend investing portfolio…

Purchase Details…
Date of Purchase: 10/10/2017
Ticker: ERH
Name: Wells Fargo Advantage Utilities & High Yield ETF
Amount Invested Today: $490.91
Commission: $6.95
Total Basis: $497.86
Purchase Price: $13.08
Total Shares Purchased: 37

Stock Fundamentals…
PE Ratio: 21.67
Market Cap: $122 M
Distribution Yield: 6.82%
Frequency of Distribution: Monthly
Monthly Distribution: $.0750

This is a conservative and boring ETF. The monthly dividend distribution is good and consistent. ERH has been paying a 7.5 cent monthly dividend since 02/2015.  Since 2009, the stock price has flexed between $11 and $14. The PE is high; however, utilities are a great defensive move given today’s economic status and the Trump Administrations deregulation of the industry, the long term status of the ETF makes it a great acquisition for my dividend portfolio.



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